SUBMERSIBLE pumps that include a range of high performance with many utilities, mainly pumping of wastewater, wastewater and storm water treatment plants, and other applications with solids in suspension.

Capabilities reach approximately 2,700 liters per second. You can also choose between the various drive units, with engines arriving to 460 kW of power.

Pump C
With channel for large flow impeller.
Very suitable for pumping liquids with high content of solids in suspension.

Pump N
With impeller semi-open high performance, designed specifically to pump remains of fabrics and fibrous matter.

Pump F
With cutting impeller for pumping with remains of fabrics and fibrous matter.

Pump D
With vortex impeller. Recommended for pumping liquids with high quantity of abrasive solids in suspension.

Pump M
With drive Crusher.
Designed to pump small flow rates at high altitude.
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